The History of Calvary SonRise

The events leading to Calvary SonRise’s existence happened very quickly, demonstrating God’s hand in its creation. Within a four-year period, a group of believers transitioned from a home fellowship group to a home church to a body of believers meeting in a church building. 

In November 2010, the original members of the Bible study began fellowshipping at a home in Winneconne. The members, consisting primarily of Oshkosh residents, soon moved into the city, meeting at a variety of homes. By May 2011, the group gathered every Saturday night at Clint and Sarah Laird’s residence.

From May 2011 until January 2015, Clint Laird provided a weekly lesson from the Word and Mitch Nehring provided praise and worship, much like the roles they currently perform today as pastor and music director.

After much prayer and consideration, the small home church began a search for a more permanent (or so they thought) place of worship. The Lord provided them with a small office building at 203 Otter Avenue. The former Fluor’s Brothers building offered a historic, brick structure in the heart of the city. Even though the building required major renovations, the Lord provided many volunteers and the resources needed to make the former office building a house of worship. They began meeting in the new location February 2015.

It was Summer 2018 when the leadership at Calvary SonRise realized it needed more space to minister to those attending. But how could they move so soon after acquiring the Otter Avenue building? If God wanted them to move, He would have to make a way. And He did!
The Lord was behind the many details in acquiring a larger, existing church building. Calvary SonRise’s current location, 222 Church Avenue, has kept the ministry in the downtown area and is giving the Body the space and resources it needs to serve God as He leads. And so the adventure begins!

The church’s vision is to teach the Bible verse-by-verse in order to equip the saints, to be the ambassadors of Christ. The whole consul of God’s Truth is taught from Genesis to Revelation. The Body is excited to see who the Lord brings through its doors each week to hear His Word.